Haseeb’s Videos Gallery

Introduction to Squeezy

Channel 6 – Taary Zameen Par – 6min 43 Sec

Haseeb Abbasi at TEDxLahore

13min 46 Sec

Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger from Special Olympics Pakistan

1min 18sec

Fox Sports Asia/Nanyang Poly collaboration: Haseeb Abassi

1min 30Sec

This is My Story – Haseeb Abbasi

1min 47sec

Interview with Channel 6 “Goonj” – World Disability Day

12min 32Sec

Atlas Battery – Sparkistan 2.0

1min 24sec

Beaconhouse College Programme Metropolitan Campus, Islamabad (Islamabad,  Pakistan)

05min 03Sec

International Global Messenger Haseeb Abbasi

1min 18sec

What Inclusion Means to Me

00min 23Sec