On behalf of the Team of Special Olympics Pakistan (SOP), I am overjoyed to write to you as a forbearer for our Athlete Leader Haseeb Abbasi’s new project: Squeezy The Kane Bar

Special Olympics is a Global Movement, dedicated to raising the voice of people with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) through transformative leadership and by bringing joy and confidence through the ‘Power of Sport’.

Special Olympics is tackling inactivity, stigma, isolation and injustice that people with ID face. Our work goes far beyond the sports fields; we are driving a social change that enables the full participation of people with ID.

I’ve been involved with SOP for almost 30 years and I’ve seen it grow at every step, rise above challenges but nothing could stop us from reaching thousands of Athletes all over the country. SOP is actively giving life-changing opportunities for people with ID by providing them with an opportunity to showcase their talents and skills and to learn and train from our ever-active team of Coaches, Mentors, Staff and Volunteers.

Haseeb Abbasi’s success is one of the many highlights of our Program. He has showcased his talents nationally and internationally several times and every time he has represented Pakistan, he has made us proud. This project of his is an excellent initiative taken by him and his family and it complements the vision of Special Olympics
where we talk about hiring inclusively. The fact that he’ll be running his own business isn’t only going to bring him financial benefit but will also be a big step in creating awareness in the community. People with ID can work too and become productive member of the family and become independent.

Being the chairperson of Special Olympics is a heartwarming and at times overwhelming feeling. Especially when the community recognize the efforts and for the same reason, I wish to commend the efforts of the DHA Administration and Community to help and support Haseeb Abbasi with this initiative so that he too may follow his dreams and become an independent leader in his community.


Chairperson, Special Olympics Pakistan

Haseeb Abbasi is one of the limelight of the Federal Region’s program. I remember him and his first interaction with Special Olympics when he would hardly speak a word on his but with commitment and dedication, he has surpassed all the challenges he faced and is now an avid public speaker and an advocate for the rights of people with Intellectual Disabilities not just in Pakistan but all over the world. I am extremely proud of all his achievements, however, I feel that we need to ensure, we have more and more Athlete Leaders who can lead social inclusion and help change the mindset of the community.

Squeezy – The Cane Bar is going to help lead change in the community by showcasing that people with
intellectual disabilities can too become active and productive members of the community. For that, I am extremely grateful to the DHA Administration and Community for showing their support in order to lead social inclusion. Our prayers are with this project and we’re sure with your support, it will be a huge success.

Mr. Mehfoz Elahi

Vice Chairperson, Special Olympics Pakistan

I met Haseeb Abbasi in November 2016 for the first time in Islamabad. Haseeb did not make eye contact or say more than two words to me. He was shy and engrossed in his own world, talking to people we couldn’t see and living out scenarios from his video games. Since then, Haseeb has transformed into a confident young man, who is a valuable member of society.

Haseeb is the kind of person that wherever he goes and whatever he touches becomes better than it was before Haseeb interacted with it. I am a better person since I’ve met Haseeb and I continue to improve myself because I want to be the person Haseeb thinks I am. Haseeb is a remarkable example of what the human spirit is capable of. He was written off by society, experts and doctors very early on in his life. He has defied all odds to prove that one can achieve greatness in all forms and areas of life. Haseeb has achieved greatness because he was surrounded by a village of people and organizations that believed in him. His success is a reminder that with the right support and acceptance in society, children and adults with intellectual disabilities can lead meaningful lives. From a boy who did not speak two words coherently, Haseeb has matured into a skillful orator who can tell stories. His story deserves an audience and if anyone is looking for inspiration, they should get to know Haseeb.

Miss Sara Amin Ali

Mentor and volunteer, Special Olympics Pakistan

I’ve known Haseeb, from the day he was born, and from then till now, I’ve always been in awe of his strengths and his resilient personality. He might take his time to open up but when he does, he makes sure, everyone he interacts with is charmed with his intelligence and inspired by his journey.

Haseeb has nurtured his many talents and has grown immensely as an individual, be it as an Olympian or as a confident, young, charismatic, international spokesperson for Pakistan. He has developed his communication skills tremendously over all these years.

My first professional encounter with Haseeb happened over an Independence Day campaign we shot for Telenor in 2015. He embodied and exhibited leadership skills and discipline, unlike others. There onwards Haseeb’s popularity as a differently-abled influencer increased manifolds and a few years later, I happened to hear him inspire thousands of Pakistanis via his Ted Talk which fetched him a standing ovation. Haseeb has also shown exceptional entrepreneurial skills and as a business and marketing manager of his latest venture, Squeezy, he is proving that he is a multifaceted individual who aces whatever project he sets his foot on.

Mr. Hamza Amjad

Senior Creative Director, Ogilvy Pakistan

Everyone wants success, but it only follows those who make a true approach to getting it.
Hard work and dedication has a destination that is a success. Best of luck for your future and devoirs for your achievements. Keep going!
Your energy is amazing. You nailed it like the champion that you are.
Your dedication, enthusiasm and perseverance are really inspiring. We all wish you a lifetime of great achievement and Success.
Felicitations on scaling new heights and setting new standards.
You made us so proud, you are truly a hero! Heartiest congratulations to you, your family and to your extended family of Special Olympics. Stay Blessed!

MS. Asma Hassan

Coordinator, Healthy Athletes Program

Haseeb Abbasi is not just an individual, he is an inspiration for many.

Having known him for more than 2 decades now I was delighted when he became Sargent Shriver Global Messenger for the Special Olympics. But the journey has been full of tests & trials, ups & downs. I have seen him growing up & facing the challenges of mainstream school, getting adjusted & accepted, prep for tests, it was never easy. He pushed and pulled himself, coming out as a strong person every time. He not just learned new things but applied them in his daily routine, which reflected his enthusiasm towards learning.

He has made an impact on my life I can never forget his success in school play in primary school, the first independent trip abroad & how he handled himself with confidence. His responsibility towards his belongings & maintaining contact with peers & person in charge…he has come a long way. . His resilience, kind smile & easy-going manner somehow made him an instant hit with people.

His life gives you strength, hope & will to strive. He is an inspiring kid who is full of life.

MS. Mehr Asad

Principal Beaconhouse Metropolitan Islamabad, Cluster Convener, Cluster 23

Haseeb Abbasi has been a shining example that people with intellectual disabilities are able to support themselves, can live exactly like everyone else, and have a successful career.

I had confidence in Haseeb when I introduced him as an anchorperson at Channel 6, a few years ago. I am glad that he not only proved me right rather exceeded my expectations. Now after so many achievements he has become a role model for many like me.

I wish him the best for every step in his journey. Keep it up, Haseeb!

MS. Maria Rubab

Chief Executive Officer, Channel 6